How did you get started with bodybuilding?

Desmond Lee: I was an accidental bodybuilder to start with. I love to read Muscle Mag when I was young but the thought of competing on stage has never crossed my mind. I was a competitive cyclist from 2003 to 2006 and won the National Junior Cycling Championship for 3 years consecutively.

In 2006 when I was still studying in Singapore Polytechnic doing Diploma in Optometry, the president of the SP gym club asked me to join the MuscleStorm to represent the school. I had a reasonably well toned but slim physique back then. I clinched a gold medal in MuscleStorm 2006 and I continued competing since then.

What is your training regime?

Desmond Lee: I train 5 days per week, no more than 90mins per session. I divide my body into 5 major muscle groups. I will train only one muscle group a day and end my workout with a series of abdominal exercises like the lying ab crunches and the hanging leg raises. 

The following is my workout plan.

Monday: Chest + Abs

Tuesday: Arms + Abs

Wednesday: Legs +Abs

Thursday: Leisure swimming for recovery

Friday: Shoulders + Abs

Saturday: Back + Abs

Sunday: Leisure cycling for recovery

What is your current diet like?

Desmond Lee: Luckily for me I do not have craving for deep fried and oily food. I love to take lots of vegetables and I am a big fan of red meat. I will consume every 4 hours to keep my metabolism and nitrogen retention high. I will drink at least 4L of water everyday to keep my liver healthy from the high protein diet. My favorite food is rib eye steak and beef bolognaise.

The following is my daily diet plan.

6am: 1 glass of Orange Juice, 12 eggs with 2 egg yolks, 2 large sweet potatoes

10am: 2 scoops of whey protein, 1 cup of broccoli, 2 large sweet potatoes

2pm: Pasta with chicken and vegetables

6pm: Western food like grill fish or beef steak

10pm: Casein protein shake

What is your supplementation?

Desmond Lee: I use whey protein 48g for in between meals and post workout consumption.

Creatine monohydrate, glutamine and BCAA 5g before and after workout.

Animal Pak multi vitamins every morning after breakfast and casein protein before sleep for extended absorption throughout the night.

What are you busy with currently?

Desmond Lee: I am a full time personal fitness trainer. I work 7 days a week including Sundays and public holiday. I love to attend supplementary courses to boost my fitness knowledge during my off peak timing so I can educate my clients better.

Although I am working hard, I play hard too. I like to learn new sports and experience new things. I’ve recently challenged myself to get a motorbike license although I am not planning to buy a motorbike. My plan is to learn scuba driving, wakeboarding and car drifting by 2012.

Tell us more about Hercules Fitness and what can we expect from Hercules Fitness.

Desmond Lee: Singapore’s very own heavyweight bodybuilding, powerlifting and competitive road cycling champion Desmond Lee founded Hercules Fitness.

Having this resistance and cardiovascular training expert at the heart of Hercules Fitness, we will move alongside you to take up the challenge of bettering yourself and to fulfill your fitness goals.

Our priority is to make sure that our clients are given the best possible experience while training with us. We live by our 6 Core-values in delivering that to you:

Professional, Responsible, Accountable, Innovative, Safe and Empowering.

To us, your needs are our needs.

Free weights and machines, which would you advice newbies to start with?

Desmond Lee: Free weights are very effective to train our core muscles which will improves on our balancing skills together with strength and endurance. However, newbies may not be able to cope with the challenging nature of the execution during the exercise.

For a start, I’ll condition a newbie using machines to build up his/her strength. After that, we can introduce using very light free weights to condition his/her balancing muscles. Thus, we can have a fun workout without compromising any safety.

What are your future goals?

Desmond Lee: My goals are to gather a group of personal trainers who has strong credentials and portfolios to work with Hercules Fitness. I hope that Hercules Fitness can be the official fitness training company for any pageants in the future. We will also want to conduct fitness and bodybuilding workshops and seminars in schools to encourage students to develop a fitness lifestyle. We believe that a healthy lifestyle needs to start from young.

What are some of the means of connecting with you and Hercules Fitness?

Desmond Lee: Personal website: www.herculesfitness.com.sg

Company email: [email protected]

Facebook Fan page: Desmond Lee Bodybuilder

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